Since I found Peruchu Auto Repair thru a friend, I no longer worry to bring my car for a repair or maintenance. The owner of the shop, Gilbert is such a very honest guy who doesn’t take advantage of his customer.He charges very reasonable labor too, that’s why I recommend this shop to all of my family & friends. The next time you bring your car to him, I assure you, You will Not be sorry. I went to other car mechanics before and all they do is keep suggesting that your car needs this & that and they scare you what might happen with your car if you don’t fix it impronto. My husband understands car repairs & maintenance and he used to maintain all our cars. Since, we met this guy, my husband became lazy with cars and we just bring it to him for maintenance & repairs. There you go!

Lisa C.
Daly City, CA

Gilbert Perucho is the man. Prices are great. Work is superb. And he gets it done quickly. But most importantly, with Gilbert, I KNOW I’m not getting screwed. The man is honest, and he gives it to me straight. He’ll tell me what’s in urgent need of maintenance, then tell me what I can hold off on in order to save some money… all in the same breath. For me, that trust is what’s most important in a mechanic. Perucho Auto Repair has NEVER done me wrong, and I highly recommend the

Jaymar C.
Oakland, CA

Excellent mechanic Excellent job/Thrustworthy and reliable.

Jo L.
Daly City, CA

The best place to be when it comes to your car trouble!!!!

Daniel F.
Pacifica, CA

Honest Mechanic… they do exist. Gilbert Perucho is your man. They say the best compliment you can give is your referral and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred Perucho Auto Repair to my friends and family. Gilbert will tell you what really needs to be fixed and/or if certain things can wait. He works with you to ensure you aren’t paying an arm and a leg on maintenances you don’t necessarily need right away. Too good to be true? I suggest you see for yourself and pay him a visit the next time you need any work done on your car. You will not be disappointed.

Laxme G.
San Francisco, CA

Gilbert is very honest and excellent in repairing my car.he is my mechanic for more than 16 years .he tells you what to be done first so at least i won’t spend a lot of money.i referred a lot of my friends and will be referring more.Good job Gilbert…

Charity L.
San Mateo, CA

Gilbert helped me when the catalyctic converter on my Honda 2002 needed replacing, the price was really reasonable. On top of that he he helped me fix the rubber on my window by ordering the part for me and did not charge me on labor for replacing it. Thanks Gilbert On my way there today for my daughter’s car.

Cristina O.
Pacifica, CA

My boyfriend and I both take our cars there for service and repairs. Gilbert is a great mechanic, he is honest and reliable and trustworthy. If you need a mechanic in San Mateo , go see Gilbert!

Debra S.
San Mateo, CA

Well where do I start?! I drove up from los angeles a few weekends ago and my car was making a funny noise. I hate going to the dealership to get my bmw checked out! So I yelped the nearest auto repair shop. My 325i was making a noise everytime I went over a bump and I could not stand it any longer. Gilbert diagnosed it as my control arm bushing and now it doesnt clunk! Gilbert is my go to guy for my bmw in San Mateo! Nice guy too! THANKS GILBERT!

Doc L.
San Mateo, CA

Mr. Perucho is great! Honest guy and willing to go over everything with you. Laying you watch him work is definitely a plus. Prices are better than most places. Really can’t complain. Guaranteed satisfaction

Christian M.
Foster City, CA

Perucho is very nice guy. He helped me to change a new thermostat. Just after that, he found my temp sensor is broken and he helped me change a new one with no charge.
I would definitely recommend him for auto repair at San Mateo!

Da Z.
San Mateo, CA